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Maison Le Caer

spreading love and positivity through dessert

eat  good  vibes

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Maison Le Caer is here! 

1416 Hertel Ave, Buffalo



Established in 2017, Pastry by Camille is the culmination of chef Le Caerโ€™s experience in the French and American pastry worlds. Each batch is baked with love and positivity. When it's shared with you, you will share it with the world.

Each morning our bakers prepare fresh baguettes and croissants. We offer a variety of sandwiches on baguettes, crepes and galettes, lemon meringue tartes, eclairs, and vegan and gluten-free options. Pair any of these with a delicious tea selection from Palais des Thรฉs, an Overwinter Coffee.


Special orders

Customize your event with unique macaron flavors and colors, and other mini desserts! We cater to your event and your dreams.

Contact us for wholesale information. 


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